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ADUs for Students, Seniors, and Wellness AG (Farmworker Housing) 

The WellNest Pod


Sustainable Living. Brighter Futures. Real Solutions.

WellNest simplifies the complex California housing crisis, crafting sustainable alternative homes, for a more inclusive future.

At WellNest, our Five Ps—Proximity, Protection, Prevention, Pricing, and Process—guide our mission. We ensure every ADU project is seamless, cost-effective, and enhances lives, offering peace of mind and unparalleled value with just one point of contact for everything.

The WellNest Company

Founded in the East Bay, the WellNest Company was built to serve our local community, and especially our beloved seniors through innovation. With Health and Wellness being fundamental priorities, The WellNest Company is committed to providing our communities with the safest and highest quality of products and services.

The WellNest Company believes we can help our planet and provide safe and reliable housing options by creating a better tomorrow, today, through sustainable and renewable products. With diverse partnerships, the WellNest company Is a world-class provider of ADUs, Tiny Homes, and accompanying services.

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