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We are WellNest


About Us

Founded in the East Bay, the WellNest Company was built to serve our local community, and especially our beloved seniors through innovation. With Health and Wellness being fundamental priorities, The WellNest Company is committed to providing our communities with the safest and highest quality of products and services.

The WellNest Company believes we can help our planet and provide safe and reliable housing options by creating a better tomorrow, today, through sustainable and renewable products. With diverse partnerships, the WellNest company Is a world-class provider of ADUs, Tiny Homes, and accompanying services.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help save lives and maintain the dignity and independence of our beloved seniors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the highest quality and most sustainable living environment while helping to save lives.


Our Story

We are a team of 5 siblings who are ex-professional athletes looking to address a major, flawed industry.

Our grandmother seemed healthy and happy before she suffered a stroke. Relieved that she survived, our urgent need required quickly finding and selecting a facility that could accommodate her recovery. Unfortunately, our grandmother would live only 10 months before passing away. Today, we all share vivid memories of the facility’s smell, the tired eyes of the staff and the distance traveled to visit
Our family experienced firsthand the heartbreak of watching a loved one suffer through health challenges in the care of a facility that lacked the proximity, compassion and quality resources to provide the best care. So, when our father similarly suffered a stroke a few years ago. Instead of risking his best interest in an offsite facility, we siblings brought him into our home to reside comfortably and with love. While he has recovered well, our father still experiences limitations with mobility, memory loss, and challenges with hydration. 
Typically flu-season is especially risky for dad, but COVID-19 has been outright deadly. We have kept our father close, strategizing around a viable solution that can help maintain his independence and our peace of mind. From here is where the WellNest Company was born.

WellNest in the News

WellNest in the News


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