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Grab Bar with Sliding Handheld Shower Head

According to a 2011 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 200,000 Americans are treated in emergency departments for bathroom-related injuries annually.

A recent study shows that 55% of bathroom falls reported by a sample of 550 older adults occurred while bathing, with 70% of the falls occurring during unsuccessful transfers. Nearly one-third of the participants reported difficulty getting into or out of the tub as well as sitting down or getting up from the floor of the tub.

Bathrooms have unforgiving and slippery surfaces, and few dependable things to grasp onto, which greatly increases the chances for harm. Fall-related injuries range from minor cuts, scrapes and bruises to more severe injuries, such as broken bones (especially hip fractures), head contusions, and even spinal cord injury.

Like standard straight wall grab bars, slide bars can be installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The bar can be easily adjusted so that the water can reach every part of the body, making it much easier for those who are disabled to take a shower. The bar allows the shower head to be adjusted easily to allow showering without needing to stand.


Assistance and increase in range when showering

For people with limited mobility or who prefer to shower while seated, a handheld shower-head is a terrific help. Even better, is a handheld shower-head on a sliding rail that allows for individual adjustment. Look for an ADA-compliant grab bar with a sliding handheld shower-head.

Regain your shower independence

Being elderly does not mean that one should have to give up all independence and ask someone to help them bathe. Grab bars with a portable sliding shower head provide simple solutions to help the elderly remain independent in their later years, and the comfort of knowing that something once difficult is now easy again.

Alleviate the stress and worry of comfort and cleanliness

These shower heads come with many options such as adjustable height and extendable slide bar shower heads, making all parts of your body easier to reach. Comfort and showering can become a chore because of all the hard to reach places and the constant reaching of the arms. Being elderly does not mean that one should have to give up all independence and ask someone to help them bathe.


TIP #1 – Check common outdoor areas for tripping hazards. Check the driveway for cracks regularly and be sure there’s a clear path to the mailbox. Remove rocks and roots from the yard.

TIP #2 – Invest in a senior friendly cell phone. Help older adults stay connected with friends and family, and make emergency help more easily accessible in case of an accident.

TIP #3 – Ask questions and read medication labels. If starting new medications, ask the doctor questions such as, how and when to take it, with or without food. Read all medication labels thoroughly.

TIP #4 – Display emergency numbers in a conspicuous place. Always keep a list of emergency numbers should you need to call someone for help.

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