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Senior Transportation Services

Senior Transportation Services provide the opportunity to maintain connection with friends, family, church and community. Safe and reliable transportation gives peace of mind that you or your loved one will get to the destinations they need reach so they may do the things they love and require to maintain health and happiness.

Dial-A-Ride is an ADA para-transit service that provides accessible door-to-door transportation to eligible people with disabilities. The service is available whenever fixed-route service is operating. Dial-A-Ride is public shared ride transportation. Drivers can provide assistance to the vehicle from the front door of the origin and to the front door of the destination but do not enter private businesses or residences.

A personal care attendant may accompany a passenger free of charge if your eligibility determination states that you need one. A companion may accompany a passenger and ride at the same fare as the passenger, provided that the attendant or companion is picked up and dropped off at the same point as the passenger, and there is room on the van. Please notify Dial-A-Ride at the time the trip is scheduled that an attendant or companion will accompany you.

Subscription reservations are available on a limited basis for trips that recur at the same time on the same days over a period of time to and from the same addresses. Typical subscription trips include those for school, jobs, hemodialysis, chemotherapy, and other medical treatments. If space is not available for a subscription trip, you may ask to be placed on a waiting list, which is reviewed regularly. It is important to remember that standing reservations are NOT guaranteed, and may be capped at not more than 50% of all rides in any given time period. If you are unable to secure a standing ride trip, you may still call the day before, or up to seven days before, for each individual trip.

Passengers using mobility aids will be accommodated whenever safely possible. A passenger who uses a mobility aid may be required to attend an in-person assessment at the LAVTA offices (at no cost to the passenger).


A mobility aid, when occupied by a user that exceeds the specified maximum weight capacity of the lift/ramp on a Dial-A-Ride vehicle may not be accommodated. Occupied mobility aids exceeding the weight capacity of the ramp/lift will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Mobility aids will be accommodated on para-transit vehicles as long as the mobility aid and user do not exceed the size of the mobility aid securement area on the vehicle. As a safety requirement, mobility aids cannot block the aisle and cannot present a physical threat to other passengers.

Mobility Aid Securements and Passenger Restraints

Wheelchairs and other mobility aids must be secured to the Dial-A-Ride vehicles, ideally via a four-point tie-down system, and passengers must use the appropriate personal restraints. Passengers refusing the securements and/or restraints will be asked to de-board the vehicle.

To meet the demands for energy conservation, we have built our homes to keep fresh air out. As we increase our homeʼs efficiency, we also become more efficient at trapping contaminants. That means the air inside our homes — the air we breathe every day — is likely to be more polluted than the air outdoors. Up to 50 times more.


Maintain independence

Transportation is a large obstacle for seniors wishing to be independent. Without groceries, rides to medical appointments, or the ability to attend a local event, seniors are less likely to be able to remain in their home.

Trust & Dependability

Alternatives to senior transportation services can be unreliable or make seniors feel uneasy. You might not feel comfortable with taxi drivers, or find that the services provided by your local church just aren’t available when needed. Reliable and qualified senior transportation services will be there you need it and are run by people who know how to make seniors feel safe and secure.

Improved Emotional Health

Senior transportation services give seniors the opportunity to participate in their favorite hobbies and events, experience life outside of their home, and spend more time with friends and family. All of these activities boost the emotional well-being of seniors, keeping them happier and healthier than if they were stuck at home with nothing to do, ultimately improving quality of life.


TIP #1 – Avoid cross contamination in the kitchen. Separate raw from cooked foods during transportation and cooking. Wash knives and cutting surfaces when cutting or preparing raw foods.

TIP #2 – Invest in a stair lift. If you have trouble going up and down the stairs, a lift can aid by slowly and safely lifting you into standing and seated positions.

TIP #3 – Consider replacing your purse with a fanny pack. It’s more accessible to you, easier on the body, and harder to reach by any potential thieves.

TIP #4 – Use non-slip mats in your shower or tub and around the house. Aging eyes tend to work harder in low light or bright white light. Darker areas in the home make it difficult for seniors to maintain balance and orientation.

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