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Promising Benefits of Shower Chairs for Elderly

Bathroom falls are some of the leading causes of injuries and deaths among elderly people. The CDC records that over 230,000 non-fatal bathroom injuries occur each year in the U.S. alone. For this reason, safety features like a shower chair are essential. The moment water is turned on, there is a risk of falling due to the wet floor. A shower chair provides support when feeling unable to stand safely or alone in the shower or bathtub setting.


TIP #1 – Keep Warm Inside. Living in a cold house apartment, or other building can cause hypothermia. Pay attention to the inside temperature and dress accordingly. Close vents and shut doors to rooms not being used, especially if you have a basement. People who are sick may have special problems keeping warm.

TIP #2 – Make sure cleaning products are clearly labeled. Aside from the worries of using the wrong product for a job or knowing the proper protection to wear, some substances may be extremely dangerous when combined.

TIP #3 – Consider purchasing a medical alert device. While prevention is key, accidents and mishaps do occur. Purchasing and keeping a medical alert device on your person will ensure that you or your loved one is adequately prepared for any possible situation where medical assistance may be needed.

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